Free Medication packing Service 


Good Medication Management gives Peace of Mind

  • We will pack all your medication into an easy to read/use medication pack.

  • We will liaise with your doctor to ensure your medication is up to date and monitored

  • Statistically 1/2 of all elderly patients regularly forget to take their medication or accidentally mix up their medication. 

  • This system also helps medical professionals such as paramedics, doctors and nurses to quickly understand what medication your loved ones are taking. 

  • Yes the service is FREE! we don't charge a packing fee like other pharmacies do. 

Webster-pak - why it works so well?

  • A visible reminder to take medication.

  • Easy to see if medication has been taken or not.

  • Sealed and secure to prevent spills or

  • medication errors.

  • Suitable for all age groups.

  • Professional service from your pharmacist.

  • Convenient and portable.

  • Peace of mind to relatives, care workers and loved ones.

  • Take advantage of our free packing service 

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Who can use and benefit from Webster-pak?

 Webster-pak is ideal for, but not limited to the following situations;

  • Anyone on regular medication

  • School Children

  • Mental health patients

  • Elderly patients living at home

  • Clients receiving support services

  • People of culturally & linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds

  • Disability Services clients

  • People going into respite care

  • People with low vision

  • People in rural or remote areas

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